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12/28/2017 Author: Ginny Foster

Q: How does Payleaf work?

A: Payleaf exists to help people earn and save for the important things in life.  Payleaf helps you create a goal, a unique savings account, and where possible, helps you make automatic deposits.  Payleaf also helps you enlist others by co-saving for a common goal.  Additionally, Payleaf pays you, if you choose, to create or share content with your friends.  We don’t want the responsibility of holding your money. We ask you to go online and create/use an account at your existing bank.  Then, enable us to view the balance so we and your co-savers can track your progress. By taking these positive steps to become a saver, you will unlock new opportunities to help you earn money and reach your goals faster.


Q: Why do I have to set up a savings account?

A: Each saver must have a savings account (not a checking account) so that Payleaf can deposit Earn dollars into that account.


Q: How do I create a goal?

A: We provide easy to use calculators.  Click here to get started.


Q: Now that I’ve created a goal, what do I do next?

A: Payleaf can help you set up an account and link it to your bank to fund your goal.  Have you looked at our Payleaf Blog, which provides step by step instructions?  If you don’t see your bank listed, we are happy to provide support tailored to your needs.  Contact customer service here.


Q: When will Payleaf launch the Earn feature?

A: Payleaf is launching the Earn feature very soon.  Payleaf is always launching new features to help you reach your goal faster.  You can check out our earn preview page now.


Q: How do I fund my goal?

A: Payleaf can help you set up an account and link it to your bank to fund your goal.  Have you looked at our Payleaf Blog, which provides step by step instructions?  For support, please contact our support team.


Q: I forgot the password I used.

A: Click here to reset your password.


Q: I forgot the username/email I used to sign up.

A: You can sign up with a different email or contact customer service.  Open the chat icon on the side of the page to start a conversation.


Q: I never received an email from Payleaf after I signed up.

A: Make sure your email is spelled correctly.  Click here to sign up again.


Q: How can I contact someone for support?

A: Support is available between 8AM and 8PM, Monday through Friday, Central Time (US).  You can reach us through the Payleaf online chat.  You can schedule a call with a Payleaf representative during normal business hours.  Or you can request a call from Payleaf at the date/time of your convenience.


Q: Is there a contact by email option?

A: Yes.  Please send an email to  


Q: Is there a contact by chat option?

A: Yes.  Please click here to reach our chat support line.  


Q: What if I don’t see my bank listed?

A: Payleaf uses a secure method to connect to your bank.  Nearly every bank is supported.  In the rare event that you are unable to find your bank, we will present you with an alternative method.  Please note, this may take up to 2 to 3 days, and someone from Payleaf may contact you if needed.


Q: How safe is my money with Payleaf?

A: It’s your money at your bank.  All we can do is view it to help keep your savings goals on track.  


Q: Can I get help from family and friends?

A: Yes, you can enlist your family and friends as co-savers for  a goal you are supporting or a common goal.  Participating family and friends will need to open a Payleaf account, link a bank account and share your goal to co-save together.  If you need to contact customer support, click here.


Q: What happens when I reach my goal?

A: Congratulations!  You’ve reached your goal!  Payleaf is happy to have been part of your savings journey.  If you no longer want to see your goal tracked on your dashboard, either unshare or delete it.


Q: What if I already have money in my linked bank account?

A: You can choose to apply your existing balance towards your Payleaf savings goal, or you can choose exclude it.  Either way, the money is always your and you can choose how much of it you want to apply towards your goal at any time.


Q: What if the balance on the Payleaf website does not match my bank account balance?

A: Your Payleaf balance should always match your bank account balance.  If you just set up a new bank account, please wait 24 hours and try again.  If you are waiting for a check to clear, please log into your bank account now to confirm the new balance.  It may take 2 to 3 days before a deposited check shows up in your bank account.  Log into your bank account to view the actual balance.  If you are still having trouble, contact Payleaf customer support.


Q: Will my goal automatically adjust when I withdraw money for something I am saving for that is related to my goal?

A: We monitor your saving and spending habits to help you stay on track.  If we notice changes in your saving patterns, we may ask if you recently made any purchases towards your goal.


Q: What if I want to transfer money between accounts at the same bank?

A: Transfers between accounts at the same bank are typically instantaneous and free.  The balance should update in your Payleaf account immediately.  If it does not, log out and log back into your Payleaf account to re-establish the connection.


Q: What if I want to transfer money between accounts at different banks?

A: Transfers between accounts at different banks may be delayed and incur processing fees.  Payleaf recommends using the same bank as your checking account.


Q: What if I want to co-save for a common goal?

A: After you have created your goal, you can share it from our user friendly dashboard.  Click here to get started.


Q: What if the person I invited did not receive my goal invite request?

A: Check that their email is valid and resend the sharing request from your dashboard.


Q: What if I sent the invite request but the person I want to share with still can’t see the goal?

A: The person you are sharing with needs to have a Payleaf account and needs to accept your sharing request.  As a next step, we suggest you contact your co-saver.


Q: What if my goal does not appear on my dashboard chart?

A: Make sure you have created at least one goal.  Click here to get started.    


Q: How do I close my Payleaf account?

A: You must contact customer service to close your account.  

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